What We do

Thelimshe is a black owned, results driven company in property management. It targets individuals, corporate and business entities. The company entered the South African market to support enhance and contribute to the government’s BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT and Economic growth of this country and the African continent. We are aiming at becoming one of the biggest BEE owned organizations in South Africa and the entire African continent. The company is also committed to providing effective property management for Government businesses and the Corporate world.



The poorest man in the world is a man without a dream. The most frustrated man in the Universe is a man that has a dream that never becomes a reality. For many years we had a goal to see proudly South Africans enlarge their economic territory not only within but to empower its communities with effective property management. The company is

committed to stretch its wings wider by reaching and meeting the high level demands expected by our customers. Partnering with our suppliers manufacturers and at the same time keeping up with changes in property management.



Taking over property management from our clients enables government, businesses and the corporate world to conduct their businesses in an effective manner. It becomes frustrating for government and businesses to fail to conduct the business because they need to pay trivial property management duties. Business exist in order to make profit and they need to put more effort in making sure that the purpose for which thet exist is achieved.



In the Persuit of excellence, we at THELIMSHE aspire to: ENSURE clients are supplied with quality service in accordance with their requirements Attaining profitability through clients satisfaction and employee participation.



We encourage creativity, leadership and enterpreneurship, while continually striving to provide the environment location and balance towards the needs of our clientelle without compromising our integrity in the market place.