Our company offers property management ranging from refurbishments as well as construction.


Internation studies on property managements have revealed that many organisations lost their investments on property due to lack of maintenance. Lack of maintenance attributes to properties deteriorating up to a level where it will cost more than its initial value. In its efforts to contribute to the plight of preserving the clients investments in properties, THELIMSHE Sales and services has designed a strategy to provide the following building maintenance services.


THELIMSHE Sales and Services has a plumbing Specialist with extensive experience in the plumbing field. Our plumbing specialist is ideally placed and qualified to address the unique requirements of every conceivable commercial and domestic operations.

Plumbing is one of the most delicate aspects, which if not done Professionally can have repercussions to the society at large. THELIMSHE Sales and Services through its plumbing Specialist provides the following services:


Our company’s mission is to provide expert services in painting, water proofing and damp proofing with optimum care and value for money. THELIMSHE has specialists in this field that are geared to provide professional personal and tailor services to property managers and owners of buildings throughout the whole of South Africa.

Our specialists pride themselves in using only the best quality SABS approved products, applied at the correct volumes and thickness. Meticulous and thorough surface preparation has been done. Care is taken to ensure that the least amount of disruption and inconvenience is caused to our clients.


Foundation 2014:

Our starting point lies in customer requirements. THELIMSHE is an insight -driven, integrated construction company dedicated to finding the right customer’s desired solution and then deploying that solution intelligently through a skilled workforce.

Our company strives for quality services therefore we contract qualified builders to handle and the building projects. We participate in the building of Houses Schools and Shopping Malls, and we believe that experience cannot be bought and therefore our company recognizes value of acquiring skills. As a result our building projects are inspected and monitored by an independent consultant who also acts as our mentor to our company on building projects.


We look for solutions that will keep our competitors on the edge,for quality and efficiency are not compromised.

Whatever we propose our minds are set on it and it makes business sense. We consider the most relevant moments of truth when deciding on how to execute the solution and which channels work best.

THELIMSHE is involved in the facelift of the forward in faith projects in South Africa precisely at No: 1 Premier Road Olifantsfontein. We have with the help of Bishop E Soko turned the forward in faith studios into a world class centre with emasculate structures a facebrick wall with a palisade fence that matches the building.

The interior has been given a new look with the building of guest rooms and bathrooms.


We look for solutions that will keep our competitors on the edge, for quality and efficiency are not compromised. We have some of the best Cladding and tiling experts at our desposal.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best when it comes to this industry we are “cladding”

Our stuff is professional in every aspect of the word. We have been working on a large number of clients on a domestic and corporate level.